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Urchin Web Visitor Analytics
How are visitors getting to your site? How are they using your site? Urchin answers all of these questions and more with detailed web visitor reports. Urchin Logo

Urchin 5 is a web analytics tool designed to analyze traffic for your website and provide useful reports you can use to improve your site. Used by over one million sites worldwide, Urchin is the world standard for website visitor analysis.

See how many unique visitors your site gets.
See which keywords were typed to find your site.
See how your online ad campaigns are working.
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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions
Is there an extra fee for Urchin webstats?
No. Urchin is included free on every hosting plan.

Do I have to do anything for my web statistics to run?
No. Urchin runs automatically in the background, there is nothing extra you need to do.

Who can see my reports and are they secure?
Your reports are secured by an SSL login page. Your report data is only available to you.

Can I use Urchin to track my online ads?
Yes, you can use Urchin to track any type of online ad campaign like cost per click advertising from Overture, Google Adwords and more.

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Top 5  Top 5 Benefits

1. Know who's visiting your site

2. Know where they linked from

3. Track advertising campaigns

4. Learn your site's sale cycle

5. Pinpoint areas of improvement

Included on all hosting plans

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