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Web Designer Training Philippines: Best Schools in Web Designing

by Robert Jolina

Landing a job is easy, but finding a career is one tough endeavor. By choosing a good institution or school, you can start your career better. Web designing is a popular information technology career. Because web designers are internationally in demand, various schools and institutions tried to offer it. The challenge now, is for the aspiring web designer to pick the right school which can hone him with skills a web designer should have. Undergoing the right web designer training Philippines is integral to finding your niche in this world. Here are some of the top schools of web design:

Informatics and Meralco Foundation Institute (MFI) are fifth in the list. Both these schools are pioneers in web designer training Philippines. They are both locally and internationally acknowledged. Inside shopping malls, their branches are usually located. These both offer affordable training, especially MFI, a non-profit organization. There are 30 Informatics training centers in the Philippines. The Informatics Group of Companies were established in 1983. MFI, on the other hand, is also another primemover of IT education in the Philippines since 1973. It is owned by the electricity distributor company, Meralco. Industrial Technician Program and other technical and human resource development programs are some of its flagship programs. These programs carry in their names tried and tested quality education over the past years.

PCCI is also among premiere digital arts and web designer training Philippines. Philippine Center for Creative Imaging is PCCI. The school's curriculum focuses on digital art and media like photography, graphic design, and web design. Experienced professionals in multimedia, online and offline graphics creation compose the institute's faculty. The good thing about PCCI is that they're focused on different hands-on activities.

The UP ITTC is the third best web design school Manila. It's trademark is the unique style in training its students. UP ITTC stands for University of the Philippines Information Technology Training Center, obviously caters to the country's top students and scholars. Their approach on training is fairly different from other training centers, as it involves numerous class discussions, lab work, and practical training. Also known for its professors who are consultants in the field is its training center.

Next among top web design school Manila is the First Academy of Computer Arts. They provide courses like theory of design, and other courses specializing in graphic arts project. Some examples of these websites are graphic arts, motion graphics, and web design principles, and 3-d software. They have a full load of certificate courses in digital multimedia design.

Topping the list of best web deisgn schools and Java training institute is the DLSU College of Computer Studies. If you're looking for a serious training in IT, this college in La Salle is definitely for you. Graphic design, digital media and web development are emphasized on the curriculum. Unlike other IT institutes, they offer a degree. Students can choose from varying courses they'd like to specialize in.

Quality education must always be prusued. There are lots of web designer training Philippines and web design school Manila who offer good programs on web designing and Java training institute.

Published May 23rd, 2012

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