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Web Hosting: Space And Traffic Handling Are Key Factors

by Tem Balanco

People interested in e-commerce need to create a web portal for their venture and keep it running. In case, you are one of them, you must be ready for the several trials that this business presents you. After you have passed these tests, you will surely become filthily rich. One such issue concerns the selection of a web hosting service.

It is recommended to assess on your own the data needs of your website before you ask for the services of commercial hosting plan providers; in case of little space and moderate traffic handling required, you can opt for a free hosting provider.

The amount charged for web hosting services often does not correlate very strongly with the quality of the services received in exchange. After all, hosting plans are primarily a rental of disk space on a server. Most servers operate using proprietary software which have their own associated service charges. Therefore, if you choose a service that operates using proprietary software, your charges will generally be higher.

On the flip side of the coin, are academic institutions and research centers that allow data hosting for websites on topics that are connected to their objectives. But businesses trying to mint money from e-commerce are not allowed to park their data on these servers.

Free web hosting services are typically backed by pay-per-click advertising. When you host your website using a free web hosting plan, the service agreement typically includes a clause that allows the service provider to place advertisements of his own choice on your website. When a web surfer clicks on these advertisements, the revenue thus generated is not passed on to you. Instead, it fills the coffers of the web hosting vendor.

There is a myriad of hosting plan providers that will provide you with a quote for services. But it is always a good idea to evaluate your website's requirements. A website with moderate traffic that needs less space will find free hosting services provider will work just as well.

If you are in the business of electronic ecommerce, you are aware of the importance of a savvy website. Selecting the right web hosting plan is important for optimum results. You will need to make an analysis of what your needs are and select a plan accordingly. In some cases a free hosting plan may work for you. Be aware that with this type of service you will not earn revenue off of the ad clicks that are generated from the site. When making the final decision, make sure you figure the cost as well as the quality of the hosting plan.

Published August 16th, 2008

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