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Share and Collaborate Online with MyWebOffice™
MyWebOffice gives you the ability to organize information, easily access that information and collaborate via the Web. MyWebOffice
Online Collaboration
Our easy to use collaboration suite gives your business essential tools to communicate, collaborate, and manage information from anywhere. Make your business more productive today with MyWebOffice!

MyWebOffice Collaboration Tools Include:
Web-based Email  Web-based Email

Web-based email service to send and receive business class email anytime, anywhere!
Contact Manager  Contact Manager

Easily add, manage and optionally share your contacts online with this powerful Web-based contact manager.
Online Calendar  Online Calendar

Add events and optionally share them with the Web-based calendar.
Task Manager  Task/To Do Manager

Add/manage important tasks and to-do lists with the Task manager.
Document Manager  Document Manager

Securely store, manage and access your documents online. Allows for easy sharing and collaboration.
Discussion Boards  Discussion Boards

Participate in online discussions and streamline communication on all aspects of your business.
Online Notes  Online Notes

Electronically jot down ideas, notes or any text that you may want to access later online.
Instant Messaging  Instant Messaging

Instantly communicate with co-workers using this secure, platform-independent and web-based messaging tool.
WebLink Manager  WebLink Manager

Easily organize and even share your favorite web links with this online bookmark manager.
Announcements  Announcements

Easily create announcements for important company communication, notices, reminders and more.

The Today dashboard organizes all your data.
Easily add events to the online web calendar
Securely store your documents online
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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions
Is there an additional charge for MyWebOffice?
MyWeboffice is included with Plan C at no additional charge for unlimited users.

How do I add co-works to MyWebOffice?
The administrator can easily add users to MyWebOffice. They are then emailed their MyWebOffice login information upon account creation.

What's the advantage of using MyWebOffice?
The biggest advantage to using MyWebOffice is having secure and easy access to important and timely information anytime from anywhere.

Do I need any special software to use MyWebOffice?
Since MyWebOffice is 100% Web-based, there is no software that you need to install. You access your MyWebOffice account from any location that has Internet access.

Do I have to share my contacts or calendar events?
You have the option to share any contact or event, but it is not required. For example, you can have a list of personal contacts that you keep private and a list of business contacts that you share with co-workers.

What kinds of files can I use with the Document Manager?
You can use any type of file like Word documents, PDFs, jpegs, etc.

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Top  Top Benefits

1. Collaborate online with anyone

2. Share your contacts & calendar

3. Manage documents online

4. Increase productivity

Included on Plan C

MyWebOffice Features

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