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Safeguard Your Valuable Files with MyWebBackup™
MyWebBackup eliminates the hassles and the worries of securing your important PC files. It is easy to use, automatic and secure. Moreover, MyWebBackup requires nothing more than a computer and an Internet connection. MyWebBackup PC Backup
Safeguard your PC files!
MyWebBackup will automatically backup your important PC files to your online hosting account. The easy-to-use backup wizard allows you to select the files and directories you'd like to backup and the time of the backup.

Calendar Automatically Backup Your Work Online
You can schedule backups to be made any day of the week. You can also select the types of files to be backed up, like Outlook email, My Documents, Word files, etc.

Restore 256-bit AES Encryption
MyWebBackup encrypts each file using 256-bit AES encryption technology. This ensures your data is stored in secure encrypted form, only accessible by you.

Restore Easy Data Restore
If you accidentally delete an important document, your computer crashes or is stolen, you can use MyWebBackup's easy restore function to recover your files instantly.

Hassle-free Backups Hassle-free Remote Backup Wizard
The startup wizard allows you to easily backup your most important files:

  • All contacts, emails, address book and account settings for Microsoft Outlook
  • All contacts, emails, address book and account settings for Outlook Express
  • Internet Explorer Favorites, History, Auto Complete, Home Page Settings
  • All files and folders in My Documents main folder
  • Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, templates and settings from Microsoft Office
  • My Pictures folder, including all common digital camera files
  • All files on the Desktop

    Easily set a schedule for backing up your PC files
    Select individual files or folders to be backed up
    Your files are encrypted and securely stored online
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    FAQs Frequently Asked Questions
    Is there an additional charge for MyWebBackup?
    MyWebBackup is included on Plans B and C of our website hosting plans at no additional charge.

    What kinds of files can I backup?
    You can backup any type of file including MS word files, images, text files, etc. MyWebBackup also makes it easy to backup program specific files like Outlook email.

    What's the advantage of using MyWebBackup?
    Nothing comes close to the frustration of losing an important document or file. MyWebBackup allows you to securely backup your important files so you can avoid this common problem.

    Do I need any special software to use MyWebBackup?
    We provide our exclusive MyWebBackup client software you install on your PC to select files and schedule backups. Other than the MyWebBackup client, there is no other software to install.

    What operating system do I need to use MyWebBackup?
    MyWebBackup currently only works on the Windows platform, specifically Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

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    Top 5  Top 5 Benefits

    1. Easily backup your work online

    2. Schedule automatic backups

    3. 256-bit AES encryption

    4. Easily restore deleted files

    5. Gain peace of mind

    Included on Plans B and C

    Safeguard your files!

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