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How-to Movies Web Hosting

Step-by-Step Movie Tutorials
Below is a list of categorized how-to movies for many aspects of your web hosting account.

Email Email Setup and Configuration

» Create Email Accounts
play2 Create an email account
play2 Create an email redirect
play2 Create a mailgroup
play2 Create an email autoresponder
play2 Changing your email password
play2 Create an email alias

» Configuring Email Accounts
play2 Configure Outlook 2010
play2 Configure Outlook 2007
play2 Configure Windows Mail
play2 Configure Outlook Express
play2 Configure Outlook 2000
play2 Configure Outlook 2003
play2 Configure Entourage for Mac
play2 Configure Apple Mail for Mac
play2 Configure Eudora
play2 Configure Thunderbird
play2 Configure Netscape

» Configure Email on Mobile Device
play2 Apple iPhone
play2 RIMM Blackberry
play2 Apple iPad

» Additional Email Features
play2 Using WebMail (web-based email)
play2 Using Spam Assassin
play2 Using Dr. Web Anti-Virus

Plesk Hosting Control Panel

» MySQL Database
play2 Create a MySQL database
play2 Managing MySQL with PHPMyAdmin

» FTP Features
play2 Managing your files with FileManager
play2 Setting up a ftp user

» Password Management
play2 Password protecting a folder
play2 Changing your control panel password
play2 Changing your ftp password

» Additional Features
play2 Using WebTools Application Vault
play2 Viewing your website stats and reports
play2 Create custom buttons
play2 Using CronTab
play2 Create a sub-domain
play2 How to install an SSL certificate

» Hosting Control Panel Help
play2 Navigating the control panel
play2 Using control panel help

Cart32 Advanced Shopping Cart

» Using Advanced Shopping Cart
play2 Integrating the Cart
play2 Setting up Products & Categories
play2 Setting up Sales Tax
play2 Setting up Shipping Types
play2 Adding a Logo
play2 Setting up Discount Codes
play2 Setting up Digital Downloads

Frontpage Microsoft Expressions Web

» Expressions Web 2007
play2 Publishing your website

Apple iWeb Apple iWeb

» Publishing using Apple iWeb
play2 Publish with iWeb 2008
play2 Publish with iWeb 2009
Site Studio SiteBuilder Pro

» Quick Start Wizard
play2 View quick start wizard

» Page Management
play2Website Manager Overview
play2Add a page
play2 Rename a page
play2 Delete a page
play2 Re-arrange page order
play2 Edit a page
play2 Create a hyper link
play2 Create external link page
play2 Add a custom form
play2 Add a feedback form
play2 Add a shop page
play2 Add a guestbook
play2 Add sub-menu pages
play2 Add a "hidden" page
play2 "Un-hide" a page
play2 Add an "internal" link
play2 Password protect a page
play2 Add an html table

» Image Management
play2 Incorporate your logo (Simple)
play2 Incorporate your logo (Advanced)
play2 Insert an image
play2 Add a photo album
play2 Add a banner

» General Settings
play2 Change design template
play2 Change website titles
play2 Keywords for search engines

» Search Engine Optimization
play2 SEO Overview
play2 Add Keywords
play2 Update Title Tags
play2 Update Page Filenames
play2 Google Webmaster Tools

» Special How-tos
play2 Add custom html code
play2 Integrate Cart32 html
play2 Add Google Analytics
play2 Add Google Adsense
play2 Add a "Goodie"
play2 Add a YouTube movie
play2 Add a Vimeo movie
play2 Add an MP3 (Audio) file
play2 Upload a pdf file
play2 Add a Facebook Badge
play2 Add a Paypal "Buy Now" button
play2 Add a Paypal "Donation" button
play2 Add a Google Checkout button
play2 Integrate Google Calendar
play2 Add a Powerpoint Presentation
play2 Add a Flickr slideshow
play2 Integrate WebTools Apps
play2 Add a Database Form
play2 Add a Mailing List

FTP File Transfer Protocol - FTP

» SmartFTP Users
play2 Configuring your site in SmartFTP
play2 Managing files in SmartFTP
play2 Uploading files in SmartFTP

Free Downlaod

» Cute FTP Users
play2 Configuring your site in CuteFTP
play2 Managing files in CuteFTP
play2 Uploading files in CuteFTP

Free Downlaod

Dreamweaver Dreamweaver MX

Create a simple page layout
play2 Uploading your site via Dreamweaver
play2 Create a template
play2 Create html tables
play2 Create a navigation bar
play2 Create rollover images
play2 Create an online website form
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