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Sell Online with Cart32 Shopping Cart
Cart32 7.0 is one of the most powerful and easy to use shopping cart systems on the market today. It it easy to use and includes tons of options to help you effectively sell your products online with no special skills.

Easily add secure ordering to your web site!
Adding products to your web site is as easy as using the product wizard which generates code you place on any page of your site. You manage your Cart32 account to view orders, setup shipping rates, order export, etc.

Cart32 Features Include:
  • Works with any merchant account
  • Add products using a form wizard
  • Customizable checkout pages
  • Auto sales tax and shipping calculation
  • Shipping labels for DHL, USPS & Fedex
  • Supports gift certificates & discounts
  • Optional user registration
  • Works with Paypal and
  • Auto email order notification
  • Secure online ordering (SSL)
  • Quickbooks plugin available
  • NEW! Paypal Website Payments Pro Support
  • NEW! Google Checkout Support
  • Easy Account Management
    Easily add products to your existing web site. Simple html code is all you need. We provide samples. You manage your Cart32 account to view orders, setup shipping rates, order export, etc.

    Cart32 Flexible Ordering Options
    Cart32 makes it easy to sell any type of product. Options available include size, color, type, order number, price, discount codes, etc. You have virtually no limits on the types of products you can sell.

    Quickbooks Integration
    This feature integrates your Cart32 account with Quickbooks. Now you can have true integration from your site, online ordering and accounting. Quickbooks plugin is an optional plugin you can add at any time.

    Merchant Account Service Available
    If you do not already have a bank merchant account, that is, the ability to accept credit cards, we can provide a very competitive merchant account solution for $79.

    Use the product wizard to add products to your site
    Create custom shopping page product layouts
    View orders online via the Cart32 WebAdmin
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    FAQs Frequently Asked Questions
    Does the Cart32 Shopping Cart include a merchant account?
    No. Cart32 Shopping Cart works in conjunction with your existing bank merchant account. You can also integrate other payment gateways like Paypal.

    Do I need to install any software?
    No. You do not have to install any software. Cart32 is hosted on our servers, you simply use the product wizard to add products to your web site.

    How do I know when I get an order?
    Cart32 will notify you immediatly via email when you receive an order.

    Does Cart32 automatically calculate shipping rates?
    Yes. Cart32 will automatically calculate the correct UPS and Fedex rates, even allowing you to markup the these rates depending on your preference.

    Do I need my own SSL certificate?
    No. You do not need to acquire your own SSL certificate. Cart32 includes a secure certificate for all orders processed on your account.

    Does Cart32 support Linkpoint Gateway?
    Yes. Cart32 supports Linkpoint.

    Does Cart32 support Google Checkout?
    Yes. Cart32 now supports Google Checkout.

    Can Cart32 be used on any website?
    Yes. Cart32 will work on any website you host with us. You just have to upgrade to Plan C.

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    Top 5  Top 5 Benefits

    1. Securely sell products online

    2. Works with any web site

    3. No programming required

    4. Quickbooks export feature

    5. Auto tax & shipping calculations

    Works with...

    Included on Plan C

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